Our Moon is Lemon Shaped

lemon moon

Lemon Moon

Scientists have worked out the reasons for the distorted shape of our Moon.

A US team calculated the effect on the shape of the early Moon of tidal and rotational forces.They say its own spin and the tidal tug of the Earth created a "lemon-shaped" satellite.

For an explanation Professor Garrick-Bethell and his team had to return to the formation of the Moon - an event known as 'the Big Splash' which occurred some 4.5 billion years ago: an unknown body around the size of Mars collided with the Earth, flinging up vast amounts of debris that were snared by our planet’s gravity and that slowly coalseced, forming into the Moon we see today.

He further adds that this shape-shifting occurred when the Moon was mostly liquid beneath a thin outer crust of rock.

Source : Why the Moon is shaped like a lemon & Scientists explain mystery of our 'lemon Moon'

Pic Credits : immediate.co.uk

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